Simulating Multiplanetary Life

Essential for Transitioning Humanity to a Multiplanetary Species.

As we look to the future, training will extend beyond astronauts and scientists; it will become important to prepare crew members, workers and passengers for living, working and commuting in a space environment.

Image credit: Otto, S. (2021). Unity Prototype, Earth from Space [Screenshot]

Multiplayer Engagement

A Collaborative and Interactive Platform for Simulating Real-Life Space Missions.

Our platform is designed for collaboration, where users shape the experience by contributing their own content.

Image credit: (2024). Alpha version – Delta Glider hand interaction [Screenshot], Delta Glider cockpit model by Martin Schweiger, licensed under MIT License. Source:

Skill Development

Cultivating a Community with the Desire and Skills Needed for Space Exploration.

We focus on skill development, aiming to cultivate a community with the strong desire and necessary skills for space exploration.

Image credit: NASA Astronaut Christina Koch using SAFER Virtual Reality Trainer (VRT) on board ISS